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Dear Birth parent,

Choosing adoption had to be one of the most difficult decisions you’ve ever made. It’s selfless and absolutely respected. I, Stephanie, was there many years ago. Unfortunately, my pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage early on and I was unable to complete the adoption process. My husband, Josh, and I admire you for making this decision and thank you so much for viewing our profile.

We met through our love of music in 2004 and instantly became friends which resulted in a relationship we could only dream of. I am a radio DJ and at the time Josh was in a touring band so it was kind of meant to be! We have had many adventures in our nine years together and believe our biggest adventure, with being parents, is yet to come! We lived on the beach in Florida for a couple of years and made some very dear friends we visit frequently now that we have moved back to Central Illinois, so our future child will definitely travel to some fun places. We love to be outside, whether it’s kayaking in Sanibel, Florida, or hiking at Starved Rock. Camping is one of our favorite family events! We take the dogs and they love it. We take walks with our pups every night after work and love to sit outside on our back deck taking in our fantastic neighborhood. Our neighbors are very sweet and we’ve developed a great relationship with them. The weekends are usually spent with families at cook outs or just having dinner at someone’s house.

We have a very close knit family with many nieces and nephews who look forward to a new play mate. This is what actually brought us home from Florida! Our house is already full of love with hosting holidays and always having friends and family over. We have two small dogs…Papi and Dillinger…and they love little ones! Papi tries to share his toys with kids and it’s so cute. Dillinger just wants to cuddle and play with them. We have a room right next to our room upstairs and we can’t wait to make it a fantastic nursery for a little one. It looks out onto our backyard and is the perfect spot for a baby. We have a finished basement with another bedroom and full bath as well as a kitchenette where we usually host family events. Our backyard is fenced in and very big for the dogs to run around in and, hopefully, a tree swing.

We have so much love to give. As parents, we will provide a safe and loving environment for your child. We will encourage strength and independence as well as making sure they ALWAYS know we are here for them. We value a great education and close family ties and will pass that on. We will make sure they know what a strong woman their birthmother is and how difficult this decision was. We will make sure they know by doing this, you showed how much love you truly have for them.

There’s so much I could tell you about us. We have wanted a family for five years now and due to infertility we have not been able to make it happen. We know adoption was meant for us and we are so very thankful to you for viewing our profile. Whether or not you choose us we wish you so much luck with everything and we hope you find peace in your decision. You are one amazing person to be doing what you are doing and we completely admire you for making this decision and the difficult ones ahead.

Much love and respect,
Stephanie and Josh