Adoptive parents

This program serves families interested in private domestic or international adoptions. FamilyCore is committed to providing you with contemporary adoption information and education in order to make your adoption experience a success. The agency wishes to provide adoption services that are specific to the adoptive request, yet broad in scope to best prepare families for the lifelong commitment of adoption. This includes helping adoptive parents examine their motivation for adoption, develop knowledge of adoptive attachment, understand evolving emotional needs of adoptive children at different stages of life, and appreciate the importance of birth family connections. FamilyCore believes that adoption is a service for children and our focus is on providing permanency for each child within a family setting that best meets their needs for home and family. It is in the family circle that children develop a sense of self, and are cared for physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. It is here that they learn to attach and to care for others. Adoptive parent preparation is based on agency and a home study, which provide an opportunity for you to incorporate the above goals with specific education on adoption topics that will enable you to more fully meet the needs of your family in the future. We provide services specific to the request and believe our role is to provide clients with direction and support, and to be a lifelong resource for adoption-related information. 


International Adoption:
For international adoptions, FamilyCore provides comprehensive home studies and post-placement services for adoptions from both Hague and non-Hague countries. FamilyCore works in collaboration with various international placing agencies that assist adoptive families in the adoptive placement and compiling paperwork for the child’s birth country. Families will need to work with an international placing agency of their choice. Ten hours of pre-adoption training is required for all families adopting internationally and we provide training classes for families to complete during the home study process. The training is required for families utilizing FamilyCore’s home study services and is also open to families completing a home study through a different agency.

Domestic Adoption:
For domestic adoptions, staff members provide home study services, comprehensive placement services, and post placement support. We provide birth parent counseling and help those interested in adoption to understand the process and make the choice most suitable for them and their child. We can assist with interstate adoptions when adoptive families have identified a placement outside of the State of Illinois.