Run for the Roses


This year, FamilyCore celebrates 120 years of service to the tri-county area. What started with nurse and a horse serving those in need on the banks of the Illinois River has grown to service the ever-changing need of families and communities. Today, we’re not only helping them meet the needs in their day-to-day lives – we’re helping our community navigate unprecedented circumstances that are taking a significant toll on emotional, mental and physical health.

We were so excited to celebrate those 120 years with our community this September, however, in light of the pandemic, we have chosen to postpone our in-person celebration to next year’s derby day. But we still need your support! And we’ve made it easier than ever for you to get involved. As you can imagine, we were counting on this large event to help fund our programs for 2020-2021. The need remains so we’re inviting you to help us reach our goal of raising $5,000 for FamilyCore through our online Silent Auction.


Help Our Community

Though our in-person event is postponed, we still need your help and donations to ensure our community continues to receive the services they so desperately need. FamilyCore remains on the front lines and continues to advance our mission of “Strengthening Families for a Stronger Community.” But we can’t do it alone.  Please help us raise $5,000 through our online Silent Auction. Your participation in this auction will help to fund our outreach, counseling and single parenting programs. Items will be available for bid starting August 29!

Increased need for services

Now more than ever, due in part to the pandemic and situations of civil unrest, FamilyCore has seen an increase in all service areas.

• More abuse, neglect and domestic violence cases across the state, especially during times when Shelter-in-Place orders have been in effect (Chicago Tribune, March 19, 2020)

• More difficulty in achieving permanent placements for children with visits, court and other services not in operation

• Struggles to meet basic needs (food, shelter and paying bills) with not only with existing clients but new ones impacted economically

• An uptick of 1,000% in emotional distress and mental health issues triggered by job loss, worries and anxieties that accompany a pandemic and the feelings of loneliness experienced during social isolation (Washington Post, May 4, 2020; Kaiser Family Foundation, April 21, 2020)

Please consider participating in our Silent Auction or donating directly so FamilyCore can continue to serve our community.

Why FamilyCore

For nearly 120 years, FamilyCore has been positively impacting our community by providing resources and services like counseling, adoption, foster care, single parent services and outreach services throughout the Peoria area. Working with schools, social service agencies and court systems to provide intervention, preventative education and other support services, FamilyCore is meeting needs that would otherwise go unmet and giving children and families what they need to succeed.

Thank you for guiding our family through the adoption process and allowing our family to be complete. We are overjoyed!

Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the support and guidance I was given to get through a very difficult situation.

Our family was able to remain together because FamilyCore staff worked hard to ensure we had the services and support we needed through the process.

Thank you to our generous sponsors for being patient with us as we navigate our event during the pandemic. We are grateful for your partnership – and can’t wait to celebrate with you in 2021!

Advanced Medical Transport

Busey Bank

Facet Technologies

Farnsworth Group

Kuhl Insurance

Lynn & Penny Kunkle

Mike Ferguson & Ann Lading-Ferguson

Mutual of America

PNC Bank

Quinn Johnston Henderson Pretorius & Cerulo

Rick & Kara Richardson

RLI Corp

Ruyle Mechanical Services, Inc.


Tim & Debra Dunton