Expectant parents

Unplanned Pregnancy?

Discovering you are pregnant can create feelings of fear, joy, excitement, uncertainty, or anger. You may be confused about your future and your baby’s future. At FamilyCore, we understand that it takes time to sort out your feelings and make the best decision for you and your baby. Through the Birth Parent Services program, our caring staff can help as you explore your options. We can help you understand the adoption process and prepare you for the emotions associated with your decision, both now and in the future.

Adoption is a decision made by many parents out of deep love for their child. It can be a confusing process, so we have answered some commonly asked questions to help families get started.

How is the adoptive family selected?

You get to choose the family to adopt and raise the child. FamilyCore works with a variety of adoptive families from whom you can select. We can also help you with the placement process if you have already chosen an adoptive family.

Can I get to know the adoptive family?

FamilyCore believes that any information shared between the birth family and adoptive family is extremely valuable for both families. We encourage everyone to meet before the birth of the baby to get to know each other and feel more confident in the upcoming adoption. Contact before or during the adoption process is encouraged, as this information is helpful to both families during the adoption and into the future. While contact is encouraged, we understand that not all families want this contact, so we respect the wishes of the families.

Can I stay in contact with the adoptive family?

Beyond the adoption placement, you and the family you chose will decide together whether you will continue contact. If contact continues, FamilyCore can act as the mediator, exchanging information and pictures between families. Another option is for families to exchange contact information to continue the relationship themselves without agency involvement. FamilyCore can offer guidance as families make these important and sensitive decisions together.

Can I have a closed adoption?

Yes, you can choose to have a closed adoption. You may not want to know about the adoptive parents or to meet them. Or you might wish to meet the adoptive parents or learn some information, but do not want to have an ongoing relationship. You can select the amount of contact that is most comfortable for you.

Does the birth father need to be involved?

We encourage everyone to be involved in the adoption process, as both parents have the right to know and it makes the adoption more secure for all involved. In the event the father of the child is unknown or you feel unsafe with his involvement, arrangements can be made to continue with the adoption plan without his participation.

How much will adoption services cost?

You do not have to pay for adoption services.

I have trouble making my payments. Can I receive financial assistance?

Financial assistance in an adoption process is allowed, with strict guidelines. If you have a financial need during the adoption process, FamilyCore will work with you to help meet these needs whether through community resources, foods banks, or financial assistance. This matter is handled carefully to ensure we follow the law.

If I meet with a FamilyCore worker, does that mean I have to choose adoption?

We can meet with you while you are considering your options, even if you are not yet certain adoption is the best choice. FamilyCore is glad to help you while making this difficult decision. It is always the your choice whether to make an adoption plan, until signing the adoption papers.

How long will I work with FamilyCore?

You can initiate services at any point during your pregnancy or even after your child is born. We help you to place the child with a family and can provide counseling throughout the placement process. You may wish to continue counseling after the adoption is finished; we are here for the birth parents as long as they need.

When should I start the adoption process?

You can contact us at any point in your pregnancy or even after the child has already been born. It is helpful to begin the adoption process before your child is born to have a thoughtful plan in place, but the adoption process can be started at any time.

Please contact us at 309-676-2400 or through our email address, adoption@familycore.org if you would like to learn more.