Host a Facebook Fundraiser

Fundraisers allow individual users on Facebook to raise money for causes directly from their Facebook Profiles. Many people may choose to do so for birthdays, anniversaries or in remembrance. If you would like to host a Facebook Fundraiser to benefit FamilyCore, just follow the steps below:

1. Log-in to Facebook.com using your username and password

2. Click “What’s on your mind?” to draft your fundraiser

3. Click on the three dots at the bottom right to expand the menu

4. Click on “Raise Money” and type “Counseling & Family Services” in the search bar that pops up. (This is a previous name of FamilyCore and will still direct donations to us.)

5. Copy and paste the text below, or write your own personalized message to your friends and family about your fundraiser.

For (my birthday, anniversary, etc.) this year, I am asking my friends to consider making a donation to FamilyCore, an organization that I hold close to my heart.

FamilyCore understands that strong families, equipped with the tools and ties to succeed, are at the heart of any vibrant, tight-knit community.  Funds raised go to supporting their work in schools, the courts and other social service organization to connect counseling, intervention and support services to those who have a real need.

FamilyCore reminds me to never take the health and stability of own family for granted… and I hope you can also support them in any way you can. Thank you!

6. Double check to make sure your final screen is ready to be posted, and click Post!