FamilyCore has been a part of the adoption community for many years and has a long history of work with birth families, adoptive families, and adoptees. It is common for individuals to seek information about another member of their adoption triad years after the adoption. Such individuals come for many different reasons and at various stages of their lives. To assist such individuals in gathering more information, FamilyCore is able to offer two different types of services.

1. We can compile a report of non-identifying information that includes social history information and medical information. The type of information available varies for each case, but frequently includes information such as family size, type of education received, type of employment, and known health history. Typically, this information is provided by the family member at the time of the adoption and is not updated over time. There are rare situations in which such family information is updated after the adoption.

This report only includes non-identifying information, therefore excluding information such as names and birth dates.

Care is given to each request for non-identifying information as well as consideration for the family’s interest in the information. Therefore, we seek to provide a completed report within 30 days of initiation of services. In order to initiate services, the requesting individual must provide FamilyCore with a copy of his/her government-issued photo identification along with the $150 fee.

2. Families often seek to reconnect with individuals in the adoption triad in order to correspond with them directly or meet them personally. FamilyCore can assist families with this request by seeking to locate the specific member of the adoption triad and mediating initial contact, if that individual is located. The effectiveness of this service can hinge upon the amount of information in the file that will help us locate the individual. In many situations, we are able to make contact with the individual, but, at times, the agency is unable to locate the individual.

We understand that these are delicate situations and we seek to handle all communication and work with utmost sensitivity. Because every adoption is unique, so is every search service. We would be glad to share more information about these services and how they apply to your specific situation.

These services can be offered to the clients of the specific agency through which the adoption was completed. FamilyCore is able to provide this service to former clients, as we retain FamilyCore’s adoption records.

Beginning in January of 2013, FamilyCore will also work with individuals whose adoption was completed by the Florence Crittenton Home, now called Crittenton Centers. Crittenton Centers maintains ownership of the files and has transferred the management of the files to FamilyCore to allow for a broader spectrum of services. Services to those whose adoption was completed through the Florence Crittenton Home are the same as those offered to FamilyCore clients.