Serving Your Needs

FamilyCore offers individuals and families several services such as adoption, counseling, foster care, single parent services, and outreach services. FamilyCore’s professional counselors and staff provide a wide selection of expertise to help meet the special needs of the community.

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Perhaps one of FamilyCore’s most rewarding opportunities is to strengthen families by matching children with their new forever home. FamilyCore facilitates private, international and embryo adoptions for all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Our professional, compassionate staff guides prospective parents and also provides service at certain milestones along the adoption process.

Whether dealing with a problem from the past or present, life can easily and suddenly become overwhelming. FamilyCore’s licensed counselors, with a presence in schools, courts, and social service agencies, are positioned to identify and assist with social/emotional, mental wellness, and behavioral concerns. These professionals can assist with depression, anxiety, parent-child conflicts, marital concerns, substance abuse, trauma and more. A sliding fee scale, along with insurance and employee assistance programs, makes this important intervention affordable.

No one’s perfect, including parents. Foster care is often required because parents are unwilling or unable to provide adequate care during times of stress or crisis. When children need temporary living arrangements, FamilyCore connects them with safe and caring home environments. The organization can guide anyone who meets basic requirements (set by the state of Illinois) through the process. Foster parents provide love and understanding to children until conflicts are resolved and they can be reunited with their families.

No matter what your family or household looks like, parenting can be a challenge. FamilyCore puts a special focus on single parents – moms, dads, and grandparents – who have the tough job of raising a child alone. If you need a little extra support, that’s where we come in! FamilyCore works hand-in-hand with single parents or guardians to learn effective communication, appropriate discipline, childhood development techniques and self-care practices.


The prospect of succeeding and staying in school can be challenging for some families. FamilyCore has built a wide-reaching spectrum of programs for at-risk youth in the tri-county area to provide channels for success. Services include Respite Programs for children suspended from school; After School and Summer Programs that focus on educational and recreational activities; Family School Liaisons who work to prevent suspensions and attendance problems; and a Youth Anger Management program.