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single parent program

No matter what your family or household looks like, parenting can be a challenge. FamilyCore puts a special focus on single parents — moms, dads or grandparents — who have the tough job of raising a child alone. If you need a little extra support, that’s where we come in!

FamilyCore works hand-in-hand with single parents or guardians to learn effective communication, appropriate discipline, childhood development techniques and selfcare practices. These services are provided free of charge to single parents or guardians in Peoria, Woodford, or Tazewell counties with a child under 18 in their care.

Single Parent Services:

• In-home supportive counseling to address challenges in parenting, relationships; financial and emotional stress

• Practical support to assist in connecting to community resources

• Referrals for legal assistance; referrals for clinical counseling services

• Help with completing applications for employment, housing, public aid, Social Security

• Problem solving and education to support parenting skills

The single parent program can make referrals for inoffice clinical counseling with licensed and interned staff at FamilyCore, which is billed to the program so there is no cost. Therapists can provide support in areas including, but not limited to: adjustment to divorce, separation, illness or natural disasters as well as depression, anxiety, grief and family of origin issues.

At FamilyCore, we provide free support and counseling services for Tri-County single parents and guardians who have a child under the age of 18 living with them. We will visit you at home or at our office.

For more information or to obtain services call (309) 676-2400.